Mike Clark - Underwater Photography
Mike is a well known and accomplished underwater photographer with special knowledge of the east coast of Scotland. His book is essential reading for anyone planning to dive in that area - good info with great photographs.
Ocean Addicts - diving services based at Kinsale, County Cork, Ireland
Ocean Addicts offers a full range of diver and snorkeling services, with dive sites particularly suited to marine life spotting and underwater photography.
Under water guide books to North Wales.
Chris Holden’s under water guide books to diving in North Wales. Two volumes of definitive and essential reading, superb detail.
Cameras Underwater
A leading supplier of fine underwater photo kit - good product range and knowledgeable folk.
TDI SDI Solo Diver Qualification
A potentially very useful qualification for the underwater photographer.
'Solo Diving' by Robert Von Maier.
A book tackling the subject of solo diving. Useful tips for the ever increasing number of solo divers (mainly underwater photographers!).
Scottish Nudibranchs by Jim Anderson
A vast collection of good quality Scottish Nudibranch images.
Top 100 British Shore Dives - very useful book!
For some of these sites you might need a diver's kit trolly......
Sadly, this book is now out of print.
An Educational Photographic Resource and Stock Image Library of the Sea, Maritime Environment, Marine and Rockpool Life