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The purpose of this website is an on-line image information resource.
All 1595 photographs shown were taken underwater and therefore the marine animals are seen in a natural context.

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HELP! – Within the gallery there is a portfolio named ‘Identification Required’ – if you can help identify any of the animals please leave a note using the 'Identify or Correct' or 'Contact Me' pages. Thank you!

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This website was created in November 2008.


Parazoanthus axinellae Anemones (Anthozoa)
(Contains 171 photos)
Alcyonium hibernicum Corals (Anthozoa)
(Contains 54 photos)
Cancer pagurus Crabs, Lobsters, Shrimps & Prawns etc (Crustacea)
(Contains 155 photos)
Syngnathus fuscus Fishes – bony and cartilagous (Pisces)
(Contains 217 photos)
Pelagic tunicate chain Jellyfish and 'jelly-like' animals
(Contains 32 photos)
Rossia macrosoma Octopus, Squid & Cuttlefish (Cephalopoda)
(Contains 26 photos)
Labidoplax digitata Sea Cucumbers (Echinodermata)
(Contains 38 photos)
Thuiaria thuja Sea Firs (Hydrozoa)
(Contains 38 photos)
Alcyonidium diaphanum 2 Sea Mats (Bryozoa)
(Contains 37 photos)
Tritonia lineata Sea Slugs & Sea Hares (Nudibranchs etc)
(Contains 209 photos)
Gibbula cineraria Sea Snails, Bivalves & Lamp Shells (Mollusca etc)
(Contains 77 photos)
Nymphon gracile Sea Spiders
(Contains 4 photos)
Polysyncraton bilobatum Sea Squirts (Tunicata)
(Contains 83 photos)
Echinus esculentus albino? Sea Urchins (Echinodermata)
(Contains 11 photos)
Haliclona oculata Sponges (Porifera)
(Contains 98 photos)
Henricia Oculata Starfish (Echinodermata)
(Contains 73 photos)
Prostheceraeus vittatus Worms (from various groups)
(Contains 99 photos)
30 HELP! - Identification Required
(Contains 33 photos)
Shallow rocky reef Habitat Scenes
(Contains 85 photos)
Diver observes reef 2 Diver exploring marine environment
(Contains 9 photos)
Cloak Anemone defence activated 3 Behaviour observations
(Contains 33 photos)
Grey Seal - Halichoerus grypus Grey Seals
(Contains 13 photos)